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Determined to meet the challenges of the times with a business approach underpinned by both basic and pioneering technology.

Group Philosophy | Following the spirit of its founder, the Taki Chemical Group is committed to protecting the natural environment and contributing to the realization of a more affluent society by constantly creating real values.

Our chemical technology, consolidated over more than a century, gives us the strength to contribute to creating a more affluent society.

Taki Chemical Co., Ltd., founded in 1885, began with Japan's first successful development of man-made fertilizer. Realizing that man-made fertilizer was essential for the development of agriculture, Kumejiro Taki, the founder of the company laid the foundations of Taki Chemical with his foresight and commitment to development that has lived on throughout our history.

In the 1960s, Taki Chemical expanded into the industrial chemical fields, focusing in particular on water treatment agents. In more recent years, the company has made significant inroads into the fields of functional materials and biotechnology. At present, Taki Chemical is active and has earned itself a high reputation from its customers in many new fields, including agriculture, chemicals, functional materials and biotechnology.

Full-scale globalization will be the hallmark of the 21st century. We consider this trend to be an opportunity to apply our corporate strength and proven technology acquired over the past century to meet the challenges of this era of great change.This gives us the confidence to go forward with all of the Taki Chemical Group member companies with an unrelenting commitment toward new business development.

Our path ahead will be the start of development and growth toward the 200th anniversary of our foundation.

Taki Chemical holds steadfast to its corporate mission of contributing to the realization of a more affluent society through the creation of real values.