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Company Name Taki Chemical Co., Ltd.
Established March 1885
Capital 2,147 million yen.
Shares listed in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Board of Directors
Takamoto Taki President
Takashige Taki Senior Managing Director
Haruhiko Maeda Senior Managing Director
Makoto Ando Senior Managing Director
Hiroshi Nishikura Managing Director
Shigenori Matsui Director
Toshihiko Kakio Director
Mitsuhiro Nishimura Director
Hisamori Kanaji Director
Hirofumi Kohno Outside Director
Katsuhiko Tsutsui Outside Director
Hiroaki Tamura Outside Director
Shingo Yamaji Standing Audit&
Supervisory Board Member
Makoto Sakaguchi Outside Audit&
Supervisory Borad Member
Kazufumi Iwasaki Outside Audit&
Supervisory Borad Member
Akinobu Yoshimori Outside Audit&
Supervisory Borad Member
Shigeki Hata Audit & Supervisory
Board Member
(As of March 29, 2018)
Origin of Corporate Emblem Origin of corporate emblemThe mark was designed by crossing a pair of wooden spades used in tilling in the early ages of agriculture.