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Research and Development

Medical Materials

For applications from tissue engineering to pharmaceuticals

From tissue engineering to pharmaceuticals, we provide optimum degradable polymers for use as medical materials. Using lactic acid, glycolic acid, caprolactone, trimethylene carbonate, and other ingredients, we undertake the synthesis of polymer materials to meet the conditions requested by clients, including solid or liquid, elastomer, hydrophilic, hydrophobic, and short or long periods for degradation. These materials are used in biomaterials applications that include absorbable sutures, surgical implants, materials for tissue regeneration, scaffolds for tissue engineering, and carriers for drug delivery systems (DDS).

  • Lactic acid polymers
  • Glycolic acid polymers
  • Trimethylene carbonate polymers
  • Dioxanone polymers
  • Polyethylene glycol block polymers
  • Lactone polymers

The other developed products

  • Elastomeric polymer
  • Flexible polymer
  • Fiber-forming polymer
  • Thermo-sensitive polymer
  • Gelation polymer

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